• Amy Toledano

Rock'n'Roll Girls at theSpace @ Venue 45

What Is It?

Iconic female characters from popular music come together and decide to change their own fate.

What Is It All About?

Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, Lola by The Kinks, Monica from Mambo No. Five by Lou Bega and Roxanne by The Police all have one thing in common. They are all famous women who have been created by men.

Meeting under a bar at the request of Brown Sugar, these women, ignorantly happy in their fictional worlds, come to the realisation that perhaps everything they thought was reality, is not.

So the women take matters into their own hands, and decide on their own lives, discounting the words written by men and deciding what is best for them.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The show has a great concept, the ideas are original and exciting and highlights the sexism that has occurred in popular music for an age. The performances are fun, but there are moments that feel forced and over the top.

I particularly loved the sweet relationship between Monica and Roxanne, and really would have liked to have see more of that.

The writing can be clunky at times, and the stakes of the piece feel incredibly low, and even though the idea is strong, it didn't give itself very far to go.

Anything Else?

A strong concept, that puts women in charge of their own story.

Amy x

Rock'N'Roll Girls is playing at theSpace, venue 45 until the 23rd August 2019.

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