• Amy Toledano

Redacted Arachnid, C Venues, C Aquila

What Is It?

A parody of the 2011 broadway flop Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark, from its conception in 2002 to its closure on in 2014.

What Is It All About?

In 2002, the idea of a Spiderman musical was born. Some of the biggest names in show business were attached to the production, promising the most spectacular show in Broadway history.

But that was the highest point in the show's career as it was all downhill from there.

The show had a record-breaking 182 previews before the production took a break to rejig the piece and the show eventually opened in 2011.

The production followed the same origin story of Peter Parker, his love interest Mary Jane and his memorable battle with the Green Goblin but also incorporated Greek Mythology, with the character of Arachne being included too.

It was also highly ambitious in terms of stunts, with the actors flying high above the audiences heads, but costs were cut and shortcuts were taken which eventually ended in the serious injury of leading man Reeve Carney as well as many other cast members.

The show is the most expensive Broadway production in history, with a budget of $75 million.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Whether you know anything about Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark or not, this show is a load of fun. The performances from the entire cast are wonderful, and fully energised. The playful atmosphere spills out into the audience and never apologies for it's silliness.

To avoid being sued, the cast have given similar but different names to all the Spiderman characters, which adds even more hilarity.

This show does well at highlighting the absurdity of the amount of money that was used to fund this insane production, but still keeps things light and comedic.

Simple props and tiny costume changes are enough to allow the cast to play a multitude of characters all as brilliant and funny as the next.

Anything Else?

This show is such a riot, and doesn't shy away from pointing out how ridiculous the premise of their show is, but also how unbelievable the egos of those at the top of Broadway are.

Amy x

Redacted Arachnid is playing at C Venues, C Aquila until the 17th August 2019.

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