• Amy Toledano

Press Play presented by Popelei

What is it?

A two week season of audio plays, short films and community digital projects. Written and performed by an acclaimed and international female-led creative team, these six original pieces explore connection and empowerment in our current uncertain times of isolation.

What is it all about?

Under the current circumstances the audio plays included in the Press Play Season push all the right buttons. They boost your imagination as you embark on three, very different, sensorial experiences.

How did it make me feel?

Mirrors is a piece that offers you the possibility to pay attention to yourself and how are you feeling in the moment. It teleports you to places that you thought were forgotten and reminds you of the importance of being kind to yourself. The fact that you are looking into a mirror while listening to it makes it so much more powerful.

Feast is unexpected and familiar at the same time. With all this uncertainty surrounding us it´s a reminder that good things have happened to us and they will happen again. The importance of the people that love us and the ones that we haven´t crossed paths with yet.

Half Acre talks about the experiences in life that affect us in ways that we cannot imagine or predict and might define us. How as humans we crave to connect with others and how hard that can be sometimes.

You Give Me Butterflies is the perfect example of how new technologies can be used to keep us connected to each other, how they can push you to the next level and bring us together.

Each audio play has been designed to be listened to in a particular environment and this adds an amazing touch to the whole experience.

Anything else?

The subtle way of interacting with the listener in a physical way by making them aware of what it is their body is saying about them (body posture, tensions…) and the sound design is beautifully done and makes the whole experience so unique and personal.

Ingrid x

#PressPlaySeason Monday 19th October - Monday 2nd November 2020 Mirrors, Feast, Half Acre, You Give Me Butterflies are all available www.popelei.com/press-play

The Chocolate Play will take place on 24th October

Desa(R)mar will be a live performance on 25th October at 6pm

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