• Amy Toledano

Point Of Echoes by Ben Wright and Stuart Warwick, Produced by China Plate

Dom Czapski as Bernard Humphries in Point of Echoes

What is it?

Point of Echoes is a contemporary dance show, that follows the story of two very different men, and the experience they share during their work as lighthouse keepers.

What's it all about?

Eric is a quirky boy sent to learn the ropes as a lighthouse house keeper of small coastal town in the 1970's. There he meets Bernard, the current keeper who is not particularly happy to be training the fickle young man. But Eric proves himself as good worker and soon the pair form an unlikely bond. But things can never stay peachy, as one night a freak storm comes over and these men are forced to face the dark secrets from their pasts that they have been carrying with them for quite some time.

How did it make me feel?

Upon walking into this wonderful theatre, I immediately felt at home as the space was decorated with imagery of waves and water, and the sounds of the ocean played over head, which gave me an extra special sense of wonder.

The two actors play off one another so well and I found emotional attachment to both of them easy and comforting.

Ben Wright, the shows choreographer and director connects the unspoken emotions of the characters to beautiful contemporary dance, and has a way of combining the scenes narrative with elegant choreography, and it was these moments that really struck a chord with me.

The performance by Marta Masiero, playing the ghost of Bernard's late wife and the spirit that forces the other characters to face their grief is the one that stands out the most. Using only her body, she creates atmosphere around her, seeping into the story and the other characters in a way that is so skilled and diverse, that I was absolutely enamoured by her performance. This character is the through line that keeps this story moving.

Stuart Warwick's music and text gives this show the tools it needs to weave within us the loss and confusion of Eric and Bernard and the sadness that comes with moving on.

Where Was It Playing?

The show was performed at The Place Theatre, which provided the audience with a theatre in the round experience that was a lovely home for such an interesting and diverse piece.

Anything Else?

The show is definitely unique, and the actors do a wonderful job of carrying the show through it's quiet to fairytale like moments. Bringing so many elements together, it is a unique experience that is memorable and heartfelt.

Amy x

The show was performed at The Place theatre from the 20th-22nd of September 2018