• Amy Toledano

Please, Feel Free To Share by Rachel Causer

Image by Lexi Clare

What is it?

Rachel Causer's latest play, Please, Feel Free To Share follows a woman who finds herself addicted to the real life validation of others, through extreme and ethically questionable circumstances.

What is it about?

Alex (Roisin Bevan) is a successful woman living in London. She has loads of friends and her social media popularity is off the charts. But when tragedy comes into her life, Alex needs to find a way to cope. Her work sends her to group counselling, where she finds the same feeling of validation take her over, and forms a new sense of need develop within her. She becomes addicted to these groups, soon attending several a day. But how long can Alex keep up this charade? As the lines of truths and lies become blurred, the audience comes to realise that our heroine may not be exactly as she has presented herself to be.

How did it make me feel?

Causer's writing is always brilliantly clever, and Please, Feel Free To Share is no exception to this rule. With Bevan at the helm, this powerful piece of theatre encompasses what it is to be a 'strong woman' and how in control we really are our lives. It is an excellent commentary on the extreme nature of social media and instant gratification of things such as the Like button and similar online.

Bevan's portrayal of Alex is complex and exciting, never giving the audience the full story, only seeming to fill in the gaps when she wishes to, and leaves us with a strong sense of mystery at the end of the piece. Her performance is measured and incredibly funny, as she plays various characters from Alex's life effortlessly, and lifts Causer's writing, taking it to another level.

Anything else?

A win for Rachel Causer, with a story that presents an uncommonly portrayed female character in all her flawed and uncomfortable forms.

Amy x

Please Feel Free To Share is playing on the 6th and 8th November 2019 at Tristan Bates Theatre.

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