• Amy Toledano

Ovid's Metamorphoses presented by Pants On Fire Theatre

What is it?

Ovid's Metamorphosis is a musical comedy based on the Greek poet's subversive poetry that said absurd things about sex and love, set in a camped up 1940's Britain.

What's it all about?

This colourful and inventive show follows the creation of the earth. This big ensemble pieces together the important moments of Ovid's poems and uses many different theatrical devices to create an over-the-top experience for the audience. The show boasts a talented cast, as most play various instruments and sing, and the sets move and slot together to create small vignettes of the many different Greek Gods and their experiences from the beginning of time and earth. From Narcissus to Juno, these characters illuminate the space and bring a whole new meaning to a dark era.

How did it make me feel?

The comedic style is completely original and the various devises are clever and slick. The cast are immensely talented and it is clear that the show is a collaborative endeavour that creates these bizarre moments with ease. The set slots and moves together to create effective scenery and settings for the characters, and the use of the video footage throughout creates a lovely 1940's cinema feel. The costumes are also completely lovely and give the show a real definite era feeling. The female ensemble members all have moments to show of their gorgeous vocals, through classic war-time ditties to bluesy solo numbers that are rich and sultry and completely reflective of their time.

Anything Else?

This show is highly inventive and slick, and uses a combination of mediums to create a rich and hilarious world full of the absurdity of love.

Amy x

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