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Orangutan Presented by Cup of Brew

What is it?

A young woman examines her current lot in life and the past event that shaped the person she has become.

What's it all about?

Alice (Louise Waller) is twenty four and lives with her mum. She lives with her mum because when her parents divorced her Dad moved to Wales with his girlfriend and Alice did not want to live on a boat like the rest of the Welsh. She is back in the house with her mum because her and her lawyer boyfriend Jamie have broken up and Alice can't find a job. She spends her time gardening and researching Orangutans, her favourite member of the ape family. But Alice's relationship with these clever creatures is complicated, and as we delve more into her world we learn of her childhood experience of falling into an Orangutan enclosure at the zoo, and the impact this event has had on her life,

How did it make me feel?

This show plays with many different elements, and Waller's performance is energised and interesting. The writing by Toby King is varied and articulate, however the character felt at times under developed and slightly vague, with more focus on being angry and defensive than exploring why she was so affected by the experience she had a child. Her erratic and energetic behaviour is at times hard to follow, and I often felt like I was playing catch up with what was going on. However the show did a lovely job of linking the emotional experience of animal and man, and the heavy choices we make in a split second. The set was simple and effective in creating the cluttered and hermit-like mind of Alice at this current point in her life.

Anything Else?

The show has a lot of potential, and while a work in progress is an interesting take on the pressure that is piled onto young people to succeed in a world that sets them up to fail.

Amy x

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