• Amy Toledano

Opal Fruits Presented by Holly Beasley-Garrigan

What is it?

This fresh new one woman play personifies the 90s sweets Opal Fruits and gives the audience the story of a woman who's East London working-class existence is defined by the society they live in.

What's it all about?

This 90's fuelled journey uses many different mediums to express it's anguish over the working-class existance that has been placed on Opal and the women before and after her. Through diary entries, spoken word, interviews and voice overs, the message is slowly revealed. Symbolism is strong throughout and Beasley-Garrigan uses different outfits to represent different stages of this particular woman's life. The performance is energised and exciting and it is clear that this piece is close to the creative in a deep and powerful way.

How did it make me feel?

Nostalgic mostly, with may nods to the pop culture of my own personal upbringing. And while our storyteller is very likeable, and this piece has strong bones, there are things that perhaps need less symbolism and more simplicity as a times it was confusing as to who was speaking and where a certain moment was going.

Anything Else?

This is an enthusiastic and self aware show that offers an interesting take on the often misunderstood story of working class Britain and it is clear that with a little more tweaking this show could completely re-invent the identity of the working-class woman.


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