• Amy Toledano

One Woman Alien presented by Cyborphic apart of Talos III Science Fiction Festival

What Is It?

One Woman Alien by Andrew Allen is presented as a part of Talos III: Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London. In one hour, Katy Schutte delivers the entire film of Alien (1979).

What Is It About?

Actor Katy Schutte is Alien, that is, she plays all the parts of the film, including a new part of a Narrator. In sixty minutes, Schutte plays all seven crew members of the Nostromo in addition to Jones, the cat and the ever-famous, iconic Alien. She also does all special effects, weaving in behind the scenes knowledge and backstory about how the film was made and its impact on society. Schutte also offers important pop culture events that took place around the time of the 1979 film’s debut, providing important context about certain scenes and directorial choices made.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

One Woman Alien is a phenomenal show. Not only was I in tears of laughter during this sixty-minute show, but I also learned a great deal about one of my favourite sci-fi horror films. Katy Schutte honours the original Alien (1979) while adding more value to it.

One of the many advantages of this show is not following the script of Alien (1979) word for word. Playwright Andrew Allen's idea to add in a narrator character, is a great choice. It keeps the performance from feeling stagnant, and is always engaging. Another one of this show’s highlights is that it turns disadvantages into advantages. Every time Schutte loses a prop or flubbs a line, the audience is in stiches. And Shutte is too! You can sense that she’s passionate about the show and the film, and that’s what makes us root for her more.

Where Is It Playing?

One Woman Alien by Andrew Allen is playing at the Omnibus Theatre and closes on Saturday 5 December 2019.

Anything Else? 

If you’ve never seen Alien (1979), you may not enjoy this show. But if you’ve seen it once, even if it was back when you were fourteen like myself, you’ll have more than a great time. It’s also wonderful for both theatre and non-theatre goers alike. I cannot recommend this show enough. Katy Schutte is a powerful performer and this show needs to be seen by many more audiences!

Rebecca x

One Woman Alien played at Ominbus Theatre until the 5th December 2019.

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