• Amy Toledano

On Reflection Presented by Janie Dee

What is it?

A cabaret show that features some of the company members from Follies, and allows them to share experiences from before and after their two successful runs at The National Theatre over the past two years.

What's it all about?

Janie Dee is at the helm of this piece, and provides for some informal performances from a highly acclaimed cast. The songs and stories are varied and personable and we hear from the likes of Dawn Hope, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Adrian Grove and many more. Family tends to be a theme that comes up often with the performers dedicating songs to parents and grandparents no longer with us, to their relationships with their children and old friends. A mixed bag, that was heavier on the ballad side but that also provided some fun upbeat numbers to keep the night rolling along.

How did it make me feel?

This show was more about how the performers felt, and even though they had let an audience in to share with them, really it was more of an experience for the cast to share, one final hurrah after their time in Follies. In-jokes, winks and smiles were shared amongst the cast members which was sweet and the sense of camaraderie was strong, however it did at times feel like perhaps as an audience we were intruding on a private event.

Where Is It Playing?

Underbelly's Spiegeltent Tent provided the stage for the show, and its cabaret setting was ideal in allowing this conversational piece to breathe and move around the space.

Anything Else?

This show was an entertaining and sweet experience, and performances were flawless but it did feel like a slightly self indulgent affair that at times, favoured itself over performing for the audience.

Amy x

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