• Amy Toledano

Omelette presented by Long Distance Theatre

Image courtesy of Ali Wright

What is it?

An examination of the millennial guilt of living in a world that is destined for disaster, and the extremes that young people feel forced to go to in order to protect what is left.

What is it about?

After attending a climate change protest, Mia (Anna Spearpoint) and Mo (Kwami Odoom) hit it off, in a shared Uber that neither of them wanted to get. But in this decision, the pair embark on a relationship that the audience is drip fed through short scenes which show their enthusiasm for making the world a better place.

As the piece progresses, the pair become more and more obsessed with the idea that this responsibility lies very much on their shoulders, taking action that is more drastic each time, almost trying to out-do each other in the game of "who has the smallest carbon footprint".

As this obsession spirals, so too does the drastic measures the pair take, and soon find themselves in situations they never would have thought possible, losing sight of what is really important.

How did it make me feel?

The writing of this show is completely engaging. Spearpoint nails the intimacy of first meeting and the intense need to impress when in a new relationship.

Performances by Odoom and Spearpoint are spiked with energy and their chemistry is palpable. Direction by Tash Hyman is incredibly precise, with each moment sliding into the next with a new breath and snap of the lights.

The overall design of the show is also excellent, with the Cavern space adding to the echoy-nature of the house the pair spend a lot of their time in.

This piece is the perfect "what not to do" guide when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. But what it also does present in not so many words, the intense burden and pressure that is left to young people to fix the mess generations have left behind. What is interesting about the piece is the need for these characters to show everyone what they are doing, and the way that they vilify one another when any small "mistake" (such as taking an Uber or having a Big Mac) happens to occur.

Anything else?

This show is incredibly attuned to the fears of young people today, and despite the almost ridiculous nature of what has been left, it is a credit to Spearpoint's writing that both extremes of how people react to climate change, is perfectly presented.

Amy x

Omelette is playing in the Cavern, VAULT Festival until the 23rd February 2020.

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