• Amy Toledano

Off The Top presented by Crazy Coqs

What Is It?

Off the Top is the hilarious one man improvised show of American performer Jason Kravits.

What Is It About?

Being a fully improvised musical production, it is hard to say exactly what Kravits' entertaining show is about. At the beginning of the night, just before our star is about to make is big entrance, the guest of the night (talented singer and comedian Ruth Bratt) calls to the audience for a male middle name and a street name that an audience member has grown up on. Thus, we welcome Kravits to the stage with his new stage name, Michael Discovery (name subject to change on each night). Kravits, as Discovery, takes us on a journey from his childhood all the way until today, using crafty inserts from the audience as his means of inspiration. Think of the evening as a night of adult MadLibs, if you will. Throughout the evening, Kravits pulls papers from a box that all have sayings, slogans, adjectives, and places written by the audience members. Using these forms as his inspiration, they dictate exactly what Kravits is going to sing about. The general outline of his story is there, but it is understood that each night the subject matter, names and places are changed, and he is thinking off the top of his head. 

How Did It Make Me Feel?

This show is non-stop laughs! Kravits is extremely creative and full of energy. He is a joy to watch on stage. Kravits, the band, and the concept has made me want to return each night just to see how different it can be. Not to mention catching a different guest star every night whom also singings a completely improvised duet alongside Kravits. For us musical theatre lovers out there, Kravits pulls on heart strings by singing a standard 11 o'clock Sondheim number, the torch song, the seated on a stool-with-mic-in-hand- song, completely improvised with melody, title, and lyrics. It is just as hysterical as it is brilliant. 

Where is it playing?

Conveniently staged at London's Crazy Coqs, this is the perfect setting for this cabaret. The space allows for Kravtis to connect with the crowd and the ambiance of the venue helps play to the ritziness of his performance. The flow of cocktails and popcorn also add to the feel-good time of the night of pure enjoyment.

Anything Else?

Kravtis's stage presence is unparalleled as he is beyond comfortable in front of a crowd and extremely personable. He is quick-witted and obviously intelligent as he thinks on his feet flawlessly. His voice carries through the audience with confidence and allure. Equally as impressive is Kravtis's guest on 13th January, Ruth Bratt. Bratt is from the highly regarded Improvised Musical: Showstopper! Her ability to improvise a duet on the spot with Kravits is incredibly exciting. Her vocals are strong and clear and her ability to musically gel with Kravits and the band is remarkable. 

All in all, this is a one of a kind cabaret that is not to be missed. It's entertaining, heartwarming, funny, impressive, and ridiculously clever. 

Natasha x

Off The Top is playing at Crazy Coq's at Zedel until the 19th January 2020.

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