• Amy Toledano

Nuclear Future presented by Gameshow

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Image courtesy of Adam levy

What is it?

Nuclear Future shines a light on how one individual’s actions can cause catastrophe for the whole planet.

What is it all about?

As the fear of terror attacks rise in the big city Astrid (Leda Douglas) lives in, she starts to worry about the future of her daughter. We follow her as her work in nuclear weaponry starts to seep paranoia in to her every day life. Nuclear Future looks at imagining the unliveable, hashing through the practicalities of an imminent nuclear attack through clever staging and video effects.

How did it make me feel?

Nuclear Future is a still and precise look at a terrifying event. The light and video design (Joshua Pharo) is astounding, perfectly complimented by Dominic Kennedy’s effective and nuanced sound design. The script, created by Gameshow, takes a key-hole look at one woman’s life as she faces a global catastrophe, and is admirable how it tackles such a huge, almost existential, issue in such a human way. The final sequence is particularly enjoyable in which the company compellingly portray the unimaginable. Unfortunately, Douglas’ performance as Astrid leaves a little to be desired and it is a struggle to engage with her fears and motivations. Although it is difficult to portray something we will (hopefully) never have to experience, sadly even in some of the more human moments with her daughter I did not quite believe in or relate with the emotions that the script was trying to shine through on.

Where is it playing?

The Camden People’s Theatre, 18th-19th October 2019

The North Wall, Oxford, 23rd October 2019

The Lowry, Salford, 24th October 2019

Live Theatre, Newcastle, 25th October 2019

Cast, Doncaster, 29th October 2019

Anything else?

This piece obviously has enormous potential. Especially in the current climate of fear, nuclear war should be something we are all thinking about. Although precise and well-crafted, the rough edges of how someone may react when faced with such an all-destroying threat were missing from the show.

Serafina x

Nuclear Future is playing at The Camden People's Theatre until the 19th October 2019.

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