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Notflix Presented by Notflix

What is it?

An all female cast that creates a completely improvised musical based up on an audience members suggestion.

What's it all about?

This extremely talented cast open the show by taking an audience members suggestion of a film they have enjoyed recently. Once the suggestion has been pulled out of a hat, the group of fabulous women set the scene. In this particular show the film being turned into a musical is Psycho (or thanks to a rushed typo, "Psych").

The women create the rich and strange world of the Bates Hotel, through big ensemble numbers that include love songs about positivity, the lives of the cleaning staff, the treatment of the regular guest that makes all the employees buzz with delight and a Hamilton cover like you have never heard before!

How did it make me feel?

This show is an absolute masterclass in listening. The cast is highly skilled, and it is evident that the work has been done to know their craft inside out. Their comedy skills are impeccable and this zany story follows the musical blueprint without it feeling tired or overdone. The ensemble work together effortlessly, taking cues from each other and connecting beautifully.

The musicians made up of piano and drums are the backbone of this show, and their skill is a joy to witness, with both reading the actors so precisely throughout. The vocals from all cast members is also a wonder in itself, as every song includes some kick ass belting that takes this musical experience from great to brilliant.

Anything Else?

Notflix is an absolute pleasure to be in the audience for. It feels inclusive and safe and is just downright hilarious. A guaranteed night of fun and entertainment that is always completely new!

Amy x

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