• Amy Toledano

My Father The Tantric Masseur presented by Roann McCloskey

What is it?

A frank account of one woman's sexual history and discovery that is rife with self expression, laughter and heart.

What's it all about?

Roann McCloskey addresses the audience in an earnest manner. She is herself and the audience is in a conversation with her. And this conversation is about sex. From the beginning of the show, McCloskey uses her brilliant story-telling skills to relive some incredibly important, hilarious and at times harrowing moments of her life. She introduces us to the colourful characters that make up those around her, including her sister, her Mum and her Dad. The show in particular, revolves around the day that McCloskey's father informed her and her sister that he was undertaking a tantric masseuse course, and the emotions that this news evoked in her.

How did it make me feel?

So many things! McCloskey has such a lovely way of making the audience feel safe and is engaging and truthful. Her frankness is exciting to witness, as is the narrative she builds for us, and as we are let in on her secrets so too do our own begin to arise. This show is relatable in every sense, and it feels so much less like a formal show and more like a conversation with a good friend. It is with this ease that McCloskey executes a wonderful piece of theatre that is raw and special.

Anything Else?

A show with this level of honesty included is rare, and McCloskey broaches the subjects of sexuality, family and dating in a fresh, tender and delicate manner that will leave an impression on you that is impossible to ignore.

Amy x

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