• Amy Toledano

Mission Creep presented by Controlled Chaos Theatre Company

What is it?

Science fiction and queer identity intertwine in this unique take on an apocalyptic world.

What is it all about?

Best friends Liam (Charlie Maguire) and Tess (Emilia Stawicki) have signed up to an intergalactic relocation project, with every intention of getting off planet earth. Disconnected from loved ones and a hopelessness ingrained in them, the pair have made a plan for their own salvation, and are prepared to stick to it no matter the cost, or so they thought. Through to the final round of interviews, the friends' confidence begins to wane as interrogation and prying from their interviewer Mary (Carmella Brown) reveals more jarring truths about their mission than they had originally understood.

Their charade as the perfect couple begins to crumble, and both Tess and Liam are forced to face the darker parts of themselves that they had been able to hide for many years before.

How did it make me feel?

Mission Creep has a very intriguing concept. The apocalyptic world created is one that does not feel particularly far off, which is a credit to the writing style of Bee Scott.

Scott, an Asexual writer from the USA, funnels some of herself into the character of Tess with lovely results. Emilia Stawicki brings an earthy and at times neurotic sense to the character, and raises the stakes when others, are more lax.

Breaking down the stereotypes and assumptions made about Asexual and Bisexual people, the play does well at creating familiar characters, and shines a light on stereotypes that are often accepted in everyday life.

There is a lack of intensity however throughout, that makes a difference to the overall feel of the piece. Without the high stakes intensity that a situation such as this one would entail, it is hard to really suspend our disbelief fully and lose ourselves in this journey. The show also becomes overly expositional toward the end, and feels like it is dragging, as there is too much time spent in the one location, it becomes more and more difficult to stay with the characters.

Anything else?

This show has a very strong concept, and a contemporary feel that is relevant. And although, it could have done with less focus on the science fiction elements of the piece and more focus on the characters and their deeper turmoil and sense of identity, Mission Creep certainly brings original and exciting new ideas to the stage.

Amy x

Mission Creep is playing at The White Bear Theatre Kennington until the 19th October 2019.

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