• Amy Toledano

Miss Fortunate presented by Molly O'Shea

What is it?

An examination of what happens to us when we experience grief, told through the eyes of an orphaned woman at the crossroads of her adult life.

What's it all about?

Molly O'Shea shares the two sides of herself that have become most apparent after the death of her mother. Painting an image of the manic pixie dream girl she finds herself becoming around the man that has taken her home from her mother's funeral and the strong, intelligent product of the matriarch that she knows herself to be. Moving between the sheets of her mother's bed, O'Shea explores the idea that grief affects us all in different ways, and it also is so much more than those of us who haven't experienced it fully understand it to be.

How did it make me feel?

O'Shea has an almost stand-up style about her that is witty and charged with feminism. Her anger over being so self conflicted is rife with truth that is brutally honest and at times down-right hilarious. She has a very tender way of expressing her love for her mother, and her language ranges from poetic and dream like in one breath, to dry and measured in the next. Her writing and comedy skills do not go amiss here, and her experience is heartbreaking, never attempting to be anything more than truthful.

Anything Else?

O'Shea raises the bar on what it is to write a show from a place of darkness and brings comfort and laughter to the audience in spite of her great loss. Miss Fortunate gracefully honours the life of a woman who was so clearly loved.

Amy x

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