• Amy Toledano

Minor Disruptions, Paradise in Augustines, The Snug

What Is It?

An exploration of childhood experiences that influence behaviours, and the expectations placed on children, decided before they have a chance to discover any themselves.

What Is It All About?

Katie Paterson delves deep into the world of childhood experiences through a series of vignettes and games that are exquisitely executed.

She is clever, and her relationship between the audience is really open and warm.

Toys are scattered around the stage, and Paterson uses a whistle as a device that instructs the audience to close their eyes every time she blows it. This makes for not only some hilarious and subtle scene changes, but also brings a little bit of magic to the stage. It is simple and ingenuous and the results are just wonderful.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The show is a brilliant cacophony of childhood memories.

Paterson's performance is childlike and endearing, and we feel safe in her company.

She has a delicate way of interacting with people which makes it very jarring when she appears as an overbearing and extreme teacher who explains a game clearly but also very badly so no one can win. It is very funny and all too familiar.

The show is quite interactive, with special mention to the storytelling scene that included an audience member blowing up an inflatable boat, another playing the wind with a hand held fan, one playing the water with a spray bottle and another helping with sun safety and slathering Paterson with sunscreen.

Anything Else?

This is a joyous 45 minutes that breaks the conventions of tradition theatre, and does not attempt to hit the audience over the head with a message but allows the piece to be completely open in this series of minor disruptions.

Amy x

Minor Disruptions is playing at Paradise in Augustines, The Snug until 25th August 2019.

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