• Amy Toledano

Mighty presented by Jack AG Britton

What is it?

It is a one-man show by Jack AG Britton, a self-professed small man and theatre maker. It tackles the stigmas associated with short stature in males by mixing music, stats and humour. It has been at the Edinburgh Fringe, and is now running at VAULT Festival.

What is it about?

This show fills a gap in the market because no one really talks about the trials and the tribulations of being petit (not petite)…mental health, and the impact and social consequences of body image issues. It is carried out in association with the mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)- a men’s mental health charity.

How did it make me feel?

There is a lot of yellow: polyester yellow pages replicas, yellow lights, yellow everywhere; and even though I personally do not like yellow, it all works together stylistically. The musicality of the show is incredible, Jack has a stunning voice, and it is a fantastic way to break up what would have otherwise just been a lot of talking.

Jack interacts with the audience, breaking the fourth wall, joking with a ‘recovering journalist’ sitting in the front row. He moves around the stage with prowess, very elegantly giving the audience a piece of theatre rather than just a man and a mic.

There are light-hearted moments and funny anecdotes, but it’s undeniable that the central theme is deeply serious. The average height of a Fortune 500 CEO is 6 foot which is 2.5 inches taller than the average American man. So institutionally short men are being deemed less powerful and less attractive.

Short men are more likely to commit suicide. For every two-inch increase in height, men are 9 per cent less likely to commit suicide according to the American Journal of Psychiatry. We can joke about ‘short-man syndrome’ syndrome, but it is society that is giving short men problems. Jack Brittain explains this in a very powerful way.

The only gripe I have is that I think the show could have perhaps gone a little bit wider by the end, perhaps speaking about mental health more generally. Overall, this show proves that should be no reason for men feel the need to be ‘mighty’. Men can be elegant and dainty too and, importantly, they don’t have to be strong all the time.

Anything Else?

You will love it. Wacky and poignant.

Scarlett x

Mighty is playing in the Crypt, VAULT Festival until the 9th February 2020.

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