• Amy Toledano

Me, Mum & The Patriarchy by Keeley Lane

Keeley Lane Writer and Performer

What is it?

Keeley finds herself reminiscing and reflecting on her past, as she is packing up all her belongings ready to move on to the next chapter of her life.

What's it all about?

This one woman show follows the life of Lane as she explores her experience of womanhood thus far. Beginning with her love of Disney, and using this as a musical motif throughout she goes on to delve into the lives of her young mother and her grandmothers well. She works her way through these generations until her own perspective shines through, a perfect summation of how women came to be present on today's particular societal spectrum.

How did it make me feel?

This show is nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotion. From the moment Lane walks on stage with her Aerial wig on singing along to The Little Mermaid I like her. She gives women who grew up in the nineties (like myself) the perspective we haven't really had in the past, focusing on how the women before us struggled and fought for us to have rights that are still only just being given to us today. Her portrayal of her mother was a harrowing and complex experience of how many women in the 70s and 80s were being treated in Northern England (and in many parts of the world).

As she moves into her own life, I found everything she spoke about totally relatable- growing up in that strange time where feminism was taking a slight back seat and the way being an "object" was something to aspire to, and enjoy. I really loved the description of Lane's bond with her Mum and was incredibly moved by the overall tone and ideologies.

Anything Else?

I keep coming back to something Lane said in the first few moments of this show, that growing up she, along with many other young children loved Disney films, dreamed of becoming Princesses and focusing all their energy into finding their ideal Prince. And perhaps this is why as little girls we learn about misogyny before we learn about feminism. This poignant observation sets the tone completely for this show, and provides so much colour throughout it is impossible to not identify with Lane's story in one way or another.

Amy x