• Amy Toledano

Maria Shehata: Hero, Gilded Balloon at Old Tolbooth Market

Image Courtesy of Phil Provencio

What Is It?

In this stand up comedy hour Maria Shehata recaps on her past relationships, her family, her religion, and a whole lot of terrible roommates.

What Is It All About?

L.A. native Maria Shehata takes a very relaxed approach in her stand up, and chats to the audience and gets to know the room before she launches into her set.

Shehata discusses life before moving to the UK, her overprotective Egyptian parents ("My Dad calls me everyday at 1pm... sweet or overbearing?") and the amount of times she has moved house since arriving in London.

Her conversational style keeps the audience engaged throughout and makes for a lovely hour of comedy!

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Shehata has a very informal way about her and makes the audience feel safe and welcomed immediately. She radiates energy and has no qualms being totally honest throughout.

Her set is clearly very truthful, and she even takes phone calls from her Dad during the show, to prove just how serious she is about their daily conversations.

The audience responds incredibly well to her show and it is entertaining and wonderful to be apart of.

Anything Else?

In amongst the chaos of Edinburgh Fringe this gentle comedy show is a total find. Take things down a notch and relax with a drink and some lovely company in Maria Shehata!

Amy x

Maria Shehata: Hero is playing at Gilded Balloon at Old Tolbooth Market, Bottom until the 25th August 2019.

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