• Amy Toledano

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho by Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford

What is it?

A 80s inspired political cabaret that follows Margaret Thatcher at the height of her career as Prime Minister, her relationship with Soho and the communities within it.

What's it all about?

Maggie Thatcher (Matt Tedford) has arrived to give you the best theatrical experience of your life! (Just ask her!) With her fabulous ensemble (Danny Stokes and Jacob Jackson) we are transported to the sensational 80's with Maggie's rendition of "In The Navy".

Thatcher's tongue in cheek style is hilarious (no-one likes a soggy Thatch) and at times, abrasive (on more than one occasion Maggie berates audience members for speaking during the show and coming in late), and has no problem poking fun at the audience on the current state of the UK government.

Taking us through her emotional and eventful time in politics, and her particular relationship with the homosexual community and her support of Section 28, Thatcher comes to terms with what exactly it is she is supporting and the people that her decisions actually affect.

With a soundtrack that is totally delicious and encounters with the likes of Peter Tatchell, a talking portrait of Sir Winston Churchill and the shows appointed villain Jill Knight (who the audience is encouraged to boo throughout) Maggie finds her people and teaches the audience an important lesson about empathy that is unexpected and a load of fun.

How did it make me feel?

This show is utterly joyous. Energy for days, the cast build the tension and excitement throughout effortlessly, leaving the audience no choice but to get on board. Both Stokes and Jackson are fantastic, and their various characters are clear and defined. In particular Jackson's portrayal of the outrageous and leather clad Peter Tatchell is hilarious as is Stokes in his role of villain Jill Knight. The pair combined with Tedford's incredible stage presence makes this show the celebration that is intended. It is clear the cast are having a wonderful time and the play that occurs onstage is a pleasure for the audience too.

Where Is It Playing?

This cast have no problem filling the huge space that is Wiltons Music Hall and the sheer volume of the room adds to the musical extravaganza atmosphere of the show.

Anything Else?

Being in the audience for this show feels like being in a special club that only a few select people get to be apart of. Cheeky, sharp and the kind of pandemonium you want to join in on.

Amy x

Magaret Thatcher Queen of Soho plays Wiltons Music Hall until the 30th March 2019.

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