• Amy Toledano

MARA Presented by The New Victorians

What is it?

A feminist celebration of women throughout history that uses original music and soundscapes to invent the worlds and emotions of these historic women.

What's it all about?

The New Victorians (Bettina and Philippa Cassar) use movement, music and sound to create a powerful and beautiful show that celebrates a range of women throughout history. Its contemporary style and emotive nature bring forward the stories of many important women throughout history. We hear accounts from political activist and one of the original suffragette's Emmeline Pankhurst, 20th Century author Virginia Woolf, female composer and fellow suffragette Ethel Smyth, Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch watchmaker who helped many Jewish people escape the Holocaust during World War Two, and Helen Keller, a blind and deaf women who became a political activist, author and lecturer.

These powerful stories are told in parts throughout the show, along with powerful imagery that exposes the passion and importance of their stories.

How did it make me feel?

This show had a profound impact on me. The original music was haunting and uplifting, and filled the space with excitement and power. The large ensemble work together effortlessly and create these many different worlds and women with ease and grace. The soundscapes are inventive and immediate, highlighting the many different and important voices that need to be heard.

This triumph of women is one that fills up the belly of the audience, and the completely polished nature of the show just adds to its power. An important watch for people of all ages.

Anything Else?

Fizzing with feminist energy, MARA is a great work of art.

Amy x

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