• Amy Toledano

Luna: A Play About The Moon presented by Roustabout Theatre

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

What Is It? Luna: A play about the Moon is a celebration of our closest cosmic companion; the moon. It’s been 50 years since man first stepped foot onto its surface and ever since our eyes turned to the sky we have been and are still completely fascinated by it. This performance delves into everything we need to know about the moon through sketches, recordings, music, comedy, poems and some dance.

What Is It About? Our two hosts Jean Goubert and Shaelee Rooke, want to run away to the moon and invite us to come along. On this adventure we learn and discover all about the mysterious lump of dead grey rock in our night sky, from the science, the history, the stories, the folk-laws, and the impact the moon has had and continues to have on our planet.

How Did It Make Me Feel? The duo use a combination of comedy skits and routines to teach us, opening the show with a hilarious sketch of Luna and Terry, the moon and the earth as a spatting married couple. The sketch is woven with scientific stories from how the moon orbits the earth and how it came to be. Other brilliantly written sketches include Kevin, the science teacher, and his series of mostly unfortunate first dates and Diana the stall owner attempting to sell her moon necklaces but sharing what the moon represents about the past, present and future to her various customers. Other spectacles of the show include an inventive re-enactment of the first lunar blast-off and landing using a plethora of household objects and dramatic finger and dance arrangements, and our duo meeting some infamous people such as the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, the third member of the Apollo 11 space mission Michael Collins and ending the show with a recording of the famous “Everything I've ever known is behind my thumb” quote from Jim Lovell.

The show doesn't just focus on the academic aspects, it also dips its toe into the folk-laws and traditions the moon has given us within history. Touching on birth charts, tarot cards, superstitions and of course werewolves. This gives the show a broader perspective about what the moon represents and is able to give us some truly silly, mad and daft moments which everyone loved. The musical numbers sprinkled throughout the show include the song ‘The Man in the Moon’ and ‘Surfer Moon’ by the Beach Boys and are wonderfully performed by both Hemmings and Rooke and definitely helps with keeping the audience engaged, including it's youngest members. Luna: A play about the Moon is an imaginative and joyous piece of theatre bursting with fascinating facts and information. The show is faultless in its creation for their young target audience with the visual and verbal aspects being engaging and stimulating to both see and hear. It is fun, interesting and incredibly entertaining and parents accompanying their children (or anyone else who fancies the show, I couldn’t recommend it enough) are also entertained by the comedic and playful performances from Goubert and Rooke. A brilliant 60 minutes of pure boisterous fun.

Anything Else? Roustabout Theatre created the show and in all their productions try to seek out extraordinary tales, both true and imagined, and tell them with clarity, simplicity, humour and a wild imagination. Luna: A play about the Moon is directed by Toby Hulse who specialises in making theatre for family audiences.

Ruby x

Luna: A Play About The Moon is playing in the Studio, VAULT Festival, until the 1st March 2020.

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