• Amy Toledano

Lucy Light Presented by Milroyd

What is it?

A story of friendship and the love of two young women and the relationships they have with their bodies and those around them.

What's it all about?

Lucy (Emmy Rose) and Jess (Amy Clark) have been best friends since they were kids. At fifteen, they drink cheap wine, dance to Atomic Kitten and talk about boys. Things all normal fifteen year old girls deal with. Except Lucy's mum has breast cancer.

Using pop music to give a concept of time, the girls have a series of experiences over the space of ten years. Through drunken birthdays, weddings and the general day to day, Lucy makes a decision that is not only incredibly difficult, but also affects the decisions both women make throughout the rest of their lives. Proving the importance and strength of female friendships, Lucy Light is an insight into the experience of being a young woman and the lack of control encountered where hereditary diseases are apparent.

How did it make me feel?

This show is the pinnacle of the magic women share with one another. The strength and love shared between Lucy and Jess overflows throughout and writer Sarah Milton creates a delicate and tender world that is warm and nostalgic. The experience Lucy goes through is harrowing, but her decision to have a double mastectomy is one that many women have to face, however is not a conversation often touched on in theatre and alike. Milton's writing along with lovely direction from Lauren Dickson shines a light on the real implications of such decisions, both mental and physical. The clever subplot that involves Jess having to return to the doctors for a second cervical screening is incredibly important, as the audience witness the invasive nature of this procedure.

Brave and poignant Lucy Light is a genuine hour of love and inspiration from two people who are making their way through life.

Anything Else?

So worth seeing, with a strong message of friendship and support that glimmers with hope and possibility for the future.

Amy x

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