• Amy Toledano

Lola Presented by Papercut Theatre

Gemma Barnett (Lola), Rob Ostlere (Jez)

What is it?

An intelligent piece that subtly exposes the everyday sexism that is still rife within modern society and how quick most people are to judge women for their actions and, alternatively their almost immediate forgiveness of men.

What's it all about?

Lola, an eighteen year old college student confides in two of her teachers regarding another student that is stalking and bullying her. Both teachers have their own ways of supporting her, with the forever diligent Mrs Walker (Joanne Ferguson) encouraging Lola to stand up for herself and show that as a woman she should not take this kind of behaviour lightly. Jez (Rob Ostlere), the other of the two teachers, is more familiar with Lola, more tactile and open in his understanding of Lola's situation and we soon come to understand just how damaging these kinds of conversations can be on young women.

How did it make me feel?

This show is fascinating and Hannah Nixon's clever script, leads the audience down a road that is completely unexpected and, at the same time all too familiar. The contrast in the two teachers brings to light so much about the importance of student-teacher relationships, the underlying sinister nature of many, that is often swept past as is the norm, and the impressionable and terrifying impact these behaviour have on young people, especially young women.

Anything Else?

This show is engaging and flows in an organic way. The relationships between the characters is played in an understated way that hooks the audience in and brings huge satisfaction when the true nature of these relationships are brought to life.

Amy x


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