• Amy Toledano

Living with the Lights On by Mark Lockyer

What is it? 

One man play Living with the Lights On by Mark Lockyer

What is it about?  Meet Mark, he’s an actor, or, he was an actor. This is his story about surviving and living with bipolar disorder.

How did it make me feel? 

Let’s start with the positives, Mark Lockyer is a very charismatic actor and does have incredible  stage presence. His interpretation of Queen Mab’s speech from Romeo and Juliet showcases that he has a great understanding of the Bard’s work. The overall play however, is completely self indulgent. In a time when various movements are fighting to progress society, this play had some extremely offensive stereotyping, for instance referring to another character as ‘toffee skinned’ and going on to do a racist interpretation of said character. It is very clear that Lockyer's view on women is purely carnal even manipulating one who was 'so in love in him but was on the chunky side’, and then going on to have sex with said woman (using a chair to showcase the act). 

The real bullet comes in the form of his manic depression. Mental health is an extremely difficult subject at the best of times to deal with, but to make fun of it makes the act look like a walk in the park, rather then a very serious situation. Mental Health, is crippling at the best and worst of times. It feels as though Lockyer has no regrets about making fun of the people who are there to help him rather than take any responsibility for his past behaviours. 

The show feels more like a stand up comic doing his best to be offensive for the sake of being offensive rather than tell an actual story. Lockyer also started heckling members of the audience who were leaving to go to the bathroom, and this does nothing to amplify the story, simply to amplify his ego.

Also the set up of the space is very cluttered and distracts from the main action, and does not accommodate the text.

Where is it on?

It’s on at the new Off West End Theatre The Golden Goose from 13th October to 17th October 2020.

Anything Else? 

In this time of a global pandemic it would be so nice and courteous to see members of the audience respecting the rules and guidelines by wearing their masks during the entirety of the play but unfortunately this was not the case.

The Golden Goose team were telling audience members at the start of the show to keep their masks on but an announcement (much like the phone announcement that Mark gives at the beginning of the play) would have been appropriate. 

Claire-Monique x

Living with the Lights On is playing at The Golden Goose Theatre until 17th October 2020.

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