• Amy Toledano

Little Wars by StevenCarl McCasland

What is it?

A digital rehearsed reading of Steven Carl McCasland´s Little Wars.

What is it all about?

Bringing together six exceptional women, Little Wars unites literary figureheads Gertrude Stein (Bassett), her girlfriend Alice Toklas (Russell), Dorothy Parker (Chazen), Lillian Hellman

(Stevenson) and Agatha Christie (Thompson), with anti-fascist freedom fighter Muriel Gardiner

(Solemani), in the most fantastical what-if dinner party imaginable. Tensions are high and

secrecy lingers in the air, but with libations flowing and the threat of World War II looming the

guests are close to boiling point.

How did it make me feel?

Experiencing online theatre it´s quite a new experience. At the beginning it felt like being on, yet another, zoom call from work. But it only took a few minutes to sink in to the extraordinary universe that is Stein´s dinner party. The company could not be better and the topics of the evening are not as far away as one might like to think. It is pretty unbelievable that almost one hundred years later, women around the world are still fighting to achieve laws that guarantee basic human rights in regards of abortion, same sex marriage and rape. It is fascinating to witness how these remarkable women share opinions about such sensitive manners and also how often what is supposed to bring them together, actually divides them. They are living in uncertain times and the rumours about the concentration camps grew strongly around Europe. You can perceive the mistrust and the suspicion with every question they ask to each other. The resentment towards certain points of view or perspectives, everything brilliantly reasoned, and it highlights how as humankind we react in times of radical change. All this in one evening that also includes personal revelations.

Where is it playing?

Streaming worldwide: Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 8th November 2020

Anything else?

Little wars is brilliantly performed but these six actresses who have done a wonderful job bringing these characters and circumstances to life.

Ingrid x

Little Wars is streaming worldwide until Sunday 8th November 2020.

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