• Amy Toledano

Len Blanco: Firing Blancs Presented by Len & Freyja

What is it?

We join ex-boyband superstar Len Blanco for his one night only comeback show at the London Palladium. What ensues is joyous and completely original Drag King party that will fulfil all of your biggest boy bands dreams.

What's it all about?

Len Blanco is back, and this time he has dropped the sexism and misogamy that comes from being in a 90s boy band. Len answers audience questions, performs some of his best know hits (with the added choreography that our 90s hearts so know and love) and opens himself to his fans once again. With original songs such as "Pop Magic" and "Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby" Len is all set to give his fans a show they will never forget.

But as the show progresses a dark secret comes out and Len's fans turn on him as the show ends with on a darker note than is usual for a show of this style.

How did it make me feel?

For the most part this show is an absolute hoot. Len Blanco (performed by Helen White) is clever and witty and his improv skills and comic timing is bang on. His style is open and exciting which makes for an even more brilliant performance. Blanco also has a voice that is absolutely gorgeous and he has no problem picking up his guitar and getting intimate with his audience. The show is also a clever commentary on male superstars and turns the general behaviour of society on its head with females fans no longer taking his inappropriate behaviour lightly. This message is understated and an interesting take on the usual Drag King style.

Anything Else?

Len Blanco: Firing Blancs is outstanding. The show is polished, slick and Freyja Winterson has clearly made some very intelligent choices as a director, combining a load of fun and lip-syncing with a very important message about the exceptions that are made to white, male performers.

Amy x

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