• Amy Toledano

Leia and the Roman presented by Sally O'Leary and James Saville

What is it?

A sweet comedy that connects the different stages in a relationship, and the way in which we often make choices based on fear and mundanity.

What's it all about?

Kate (Sally O’Leary) and Ed (Sam Jenkins-Shaw) have been together three years. They have a nice time together and from the outside seem completely normal. However Kate is beginning to feel that things are becoming stagnant and so, suggests a role-playing game in order to spice things up. As the play progresses however, the state of their relationship is revealed and by using a non-linear style examine what life is like after their relationship, and the small intimate moment where it all began.

How did it make me feel?

Leia and the Roman is a lovely exploration of the modern day relationship. It is gentle and honest and both O'Leary and Jenkins-Shaw have such engaging chemistry it is easy to become invested in their story. There is a subtle examination of power throughout the piece that is very intriguing, as we see the pair switch positions often, and ultimately, surprise each other and themselves with their discoveries. Rhiannon Neads and Hugh Coles provide the perfect supporting characters and two new potential partners in the second half of the piece. The clever contrast between these new characters and the original couple is extreme, and very funny, giving the audience a chance to completely become the observers and decide for themselves what decision could or should have been made.

Anything Else?

This is a really gorgeous story that is completely relatable and charming. The performances are natural and the energy of the piece flows throughout. O'Leary has done a brilliant job at portraying full rounded, flawed characters in her writing and leaves the ending open and intriguing without leaving the audience unsatisfied.

Amy x

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