• Amy Toledano

Lady Bones Presented by Sorcha Mccaffrey

What is it?

A one woman show that focuses on the struggles of those living with OCD and other mental health issues, as this protagonist makes a huge archeological discovery.

What's it all about?

Archeologist Nuala (Sorcha McCaffrey) discovers the bones of a young girl on a dig, and attempts to piece together the past life of this person who was buried face down in an unmarked grave. Nuala, ends up discovering more about herself on this journey than she intended, and through some new experiences of sex and relationships, as well as seeing her therapist Julie, Nuala begins to spiral into a dark place that takes everything she's got to pull herself out of.

How did it make me feel?

There are some extremely powerful moments in this show that are totally engaging. McCaffrey's writing is quick and funny, and her acting style is generous and open. Her decline into her mental illness is portrayed honestly and has a powerful impact of the tone of the show. However, her use of audience interaction feels a little unnecessary as it tends to break the nature of the show and slow it in tempo. The concept is one that is portrayed in a genuine and original way and ends gently, without the cliched tale of full recovery needed to satisfy the audience.

Anything Else?

This show gives a very real representation of young people living with OCD, as well as representing women in an honest and raw way that does not sugarcoat or soften them in any way.

Amy x

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