• Amy Toledano

La Clique presented by Underbelly, David Bates and Spiegeltent International

Image courtesy of Luke Shires Marketing

What Is It?

La Clique combines all the best elements of circus and cabaret in one sensational show. There is singing, music, juggling, acrobats, fire breathing, sword swallowing, contortion, and audience interaction. It is a sexy, part-immersive, fully engaging, raunchy night at the circus cabaret of your dreams. 

What Is It About?

There isn't a strict story line for this phenomenal show. It is a variety act stacked with incredible entertainers deceiving your eyes and what you believe is humanly possible. There is, of course, the MC Weimar kabarett diva herself, Bernie Dieter. Bernie welcomes us and takes us through the show, introducing us to each act and making us feel like children she is about to corrupt. Without giving too much away, each act differs from the one before it, but remains just as entertaining and continues to impress the crowd. It is of note that each night might have a slightly different performance as there are sometimes special guests or act swaps, which is even more of a reason to go back a second or third time!

How Did It Make Me Feel?

I was astounded! It made me feel excited, sexy, uncomfortable, intrigued, and on a high the whole time. As an audience member you are constantly in awe of what is happening and with each act, the intensity continues to grow with each performer. Any preconceived notions you have about seeing a Cirque De Soleil type Christmas show should be put out of your mind, as this show is completely original and mesmerising. The band is also beyond incredible. You can feel their passion radiating from their instruments and it only makes the whole event that more thrilling. The vocals provided by Kelly Wolfgramm are divine as she works harmoniously alongside a stellar band, lead by Marty Hailey (music director) on guitar and David Bates (creative producer) on piano.

Where Is It Playing?

Christmas in Leicester Square until 4 January 2020.

Anything Else?

If you want to be entertained this season, make your way over to Christmas in Leicester Square for this show stopping event!There is a sense of the Christmas spirit from the moment you enter, as the circus tent sits at the front of a tradiontal Christmas market where you can shop and dine, enjoy a cup of mulled wine during the show, and leave on a high.

La Clique is playing at Christmas in Leicester Square until the 4th January 2020.

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