• Amy Toledano

Katheryn Howard presented by Goosebite Theatre Company

What is it?

An 80 minute play that tells the in-depth story of King Henry VIII fifth wife, Katheryn Howard.

What is it about?

The play is about the life of young Katheryn Howard, from being a young lady in waiting in Henry VIII's court to Henry's youngest wife. We follow through time as we watch Katheryn grow in court and see her demise as several different men impress themselves upon the young future queen, thus sealing her fate. 

How did it make me feel?

It was great to see the story of Katheryn. We learn about Henry VIII and his 6 wives, as the most we usually hear about is Anne Boleyn. So it's refreshing to see a piece on another Queen. It is heartbreaking to see her innocence stripped from her and watch her demise because of the way men imposed themselves on her. She really had no choice but to go along with what was happening, she was young and naive and it was used against her. 

The 5 person cast makes it an intimate piece that gives the feeling that we are being let in on a secret moment in history. 

I enjoyed that it was not a modern retelling and appreciated the authenticity of the language and the mannerisms of the women - the actors stay true to women of that time; being reserved and fighting the urge to explode, so when these moments do eventually occur, they really count and hit home. 

Where is it playing?

The Hope Theatre in Islington until November 16th 2019.

Anything else?

Katheryn Howard is an all female show starring Francesca Anderson, Natalie Harper, Catherine Hiscock, Emmanuela Lia, and Srabani Sen. The play is directed by Alex Pearson and written by Catherine Hiscock, a work which she expanded from a monologue that was originally performed at Glass Splinters new writing night.

Natasha x

Katheryn Howard is playing at The Hope Theatre until the 16th November 2019.

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