• Amy Toledano

Just These, Please Presented by Just These Please

What is it?

An ensemble sketch comedy show with a range of comedy styles and subject matter that is clever, original and tonnes of fun!

What's it all about?

Philippa Carson, Georgie Jones, William Sebag- Montefiore and Jack Mosedale present this fast-paced comedy show with bundles of energy. They open with a musical number that includes slick choreography and Madonna mic's to boot, that then leads on to a load of different sketches that are topical, absurd and very very funny. Closing the show with their viral hit 'When You order Your Coffee With An Irish Name', the crowd were never disappointed.

How did it make me feel?

This show is just a great night out. It is impossible to not be swept up in the energy and commitment of the cast and the fast-paced style keeps the room buzzing throughout. The cast are a fantastic example of what a good sketch comedy company should look like, with all members sharing the stage and being 100% trusting with each other the whole time. The sketches were wacky and inventive and the energy levels never faltered.

Anything Else?

Just These, Please is polished and witty and is perfect for everyone. The comedy style is gentle for the most part and then hits you with something totally left field that will keep you laughing right through to the end of the show.

Amy x

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