• Amy Toledano

Julius Caesar presented by the UnDisposables

Image courtesy of Phil Brooks

What is it?

The UnDisposabes present a new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s political drama.

What's it all about?

Caesar’s rise to power cause those around him to question his ambition and whether Rome would be better off without an all-powerful ruler.

How did it make me feel?

The interpretation of Caesar, Brutus and Cassius as female is interesting as this gives new weight and produces other choices in comparison to what a male actor would perhaps do. For me, Cassius played by Rachel Wilkes completely steals the show as her bold choices bring new life into what can sometimes be a very thankless role. Sarah Dean’s Brutus is quite bland at the beginning and only really warms up near the end of the play which is unfortunate as Brutus has some Shakespeare's best lines. Romo Sikdar-Rahman’s Mark Antony just doesn’t feee detailed enough and at times shouts the words rather then letting the text do the work. The Ensemble cast is very strong and there are lovely performances given from Isobel Hughes, Grace Hussey-Bird and Jake Saunders. The soundscapes by Tom Triggs are beautiful and atmospheric but at times too loud for the actors to be able to talk over. The use of ab-libbing sometimes takes over the actual language of the piece. There are some beautiful choreographed fights however throughout the production.

Anything Else?

Expect more then 2 hours as this production run more to 2 hours and 45 mins as a lot of the text could have cut to make it the 2 hours mark - a lot of scenes were in that were not necessary to this version of Julius Caesar.

Claire-Monique x

Julius Caesar was playing at The Space Theatre, until the 20th March 2020.

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