• Amy Toledano

Jericho Presented by Malaprop Theatre

What is it?

A show about life, where we come from and where we have ended up. Through journalism, Irish politics and WWE the show explores humankind and it's complicated evolution and vulnerability.

What's it all about?

Maeve O'Mahony is a young journalist working for a trendy online news site. Along with John Gunning, an ASMR content creator, the pair create a multifaceted show that follows O'Mahony's latest assignment covering WWE wrestling. It is through her research that she peels back the layers of her own insecurities and the many different ideals held by different people all over the world. They are able to draw comparisons to US politics and the pro-choice protests of Ireland through clever mediums such as video and text message conversations that discusses the realities of "Fake News" that overrun the media in today's society.

How did it make me feel?

This show covers a wide range of topics but cleverly displays human reaction through the events of the show and we witness O'Mahony's discovery of self as she falls victim to the same story she is trying to tell and understand. It is quite Meta and not afraid to be, as the fourth wall is broken and then quickly sealed throughout. The performances are honest and special and the show is funny and poignant.

Anything Else?

Jericho is a solid piece of theatre that is an interesting take on life, politics and fake news that will have you reflecting on the choices you make and what is truly important.

Amy x

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