• Amy Toledano

Jenny Bede: The Musical, Just The Tonic, The Mash House

Image courtesy of Rosie Collins

What Is It?

A one woman musical comedy show with original songs and from a self proclaimed musical theatre lover.

What Is It All About?

Jenny Bede, loves musicals. She has been working for years as an actor (playing a huge range of receptionists and waitresses) and has recently written over fifty new musicals that she is here to share with us now (as well as to pitch to Sir Cameron Mackintosh who is in the audience right now!).

Bede takes us on a musical journey that is a showcase of her best work, and most frustrating experiences as a woman.

From a song about mansplaining to one about hitting "the club" with her girls, Bede covers a load of anecdotes from her life, and reminds us of the girl group she was once apart of, Cherry Falls.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

Bede is a good performer, undoubtedly, and she commits to her performance 100%, but the songs and the jokes are quite one gag heavy, and become old quickly, instead of pushing them a step further each time.

Her audience interaction is a little awkward too as her approach is slightly nasty and puts audience members in strange conversations that feel unnecessary.

Her presence onstage is great however, and with a little more focus on what the show is about, and defining the through line, it could be really fantastic.

Anything Else?

Jenny Bede has loads of fun onstage, and that feeds into the audience that makes for

an entertaining experience.

Amy x

Jenny Bede: The Musical is playing at Just The Tonic, The Mash House until 25th August 2019.

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