• Amy Toledano

Jekyll and Hyde presented by Fire Hazard Games Limited

What is it? This is a treasure hunt across Lambeth where the treasures you find are your memories.

What is it all about?

Something debaucherous happened last night. Dr. Frey offered you a serum and you drank it, the rest is hazy. With the help of Dr. Frey, Dr. Goldmann and Jude Edmonton you must retrace your steps to find out what you did, and whether you are beyond help.

How did it make me feel?

Jekyll & Hyde leads you through the streets of a well designed mobile game. Jekyll and Hyde blends technology based scavenger hunting with real-life immersive theatre in this experience-based show.

Fire Hazard Games strike the right balance between having the cast guide you (in my experience I only saw them right at the start and then right at the end) and leaving you to explore in your teams.

The acting is a little much at points, Daniel Chrisostomou putting everything he has into a misjudged mad scientist stereotype and struggles to keep control whilst also playing the timid Psychoanalyst. The map itself is also poorly designed. Once you have completed some locations other appear, in a seemingly arbitrary fashion as this is not explained at any point. However this means that you spend a lot of precious game time traipsing back and forth across Lambeth and Waterloo, sometimes spending up to 15/20 minutes on a journey with no game play. If the clues had unlocked based on location then it would have been a much more coherent and enjoyable experience. The idea that answering certain questions will inform your ending is a great one and invests you further in the plot. But because of the time constraints it is difficult to explore this further and therefore the ending lacks any stakes.

Anything else?

Fire Hazard Games have a good concept and the ability to execute it well, it just doesn't quite happen with Jekyll and Hyde.

Serafina x

Jekyll and Hyde is playing at VAULT Festival until the 22nd March 2020.

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