• Amy Toledano

Jailbirds by Luke Culloty

Clockwise Left to Right: Molly Jones (Heath), Evangelina Burton (Officer Oml), Luke Culloty (Director), Fred Woodley Evans (Guard Piskon), Kirsty Marie Terry (Bheur), Stella Richt (Moira)

What is it?

Split Note Theatre take the 'classic killer' trope and turn it on it's head in this movement heavy ensemble show.

What's it all about?

Locked in a max-security prison, deep underground murderess Heath is the notorious killer that Officer Oml has finally put behind bars. But when the opportunity for a study to take place in the prison arises, the mysterious and gentle Moira joins Heath in her cell to dissect the criminal's complex psyche. But things are not as they seem under the surface, and the relationship between these two women grows to much more than anyone is expecting.

How did it make me feel?

This ambitious show, has a lot going on. The performances, while strong definitely show the young actors experience, with some not projecting as well as they could, and making for a difficult time hearing a lot of the dialogue. Also use of interesting physical transitions is a clever and slick choice for moving this piece around the space. The stand out for this show is definitely Molly Jones, with her chilling performance of Heath. Her portrayal is dark, funny and completely motivated throughout and she sets the bar for the other performances in this show. The plot is also a courageous one, with a range of characters with specific goals throughout the piece coming and going, but perhaps over-complicating the main story line.

Luke Culloty as 'The Director' is also slightly confusing, as we barely see him throughout the show, and his character is never really explained, so this proved to be a little distracting to the viewing experience.

This show though, more than anything made me feel excited for the future of theatre in the UK, with young theatre-makers taking chances and pushing the boundaries on what theatre as we know it has the potential to be.

Where Is It Playing?

The show is on at The Etcetera Theatre Camden. This intimate theatre is a clever choice for a show of this nature creating a cramped, claustrophobic atmosphere.

Anything Else?

Jailbirds definitely is worth seeing, and had some really poignant moments. The cast showed absolute commitment to their characters and were engaging and exciting to witness throughout.

Amy x

Jailbirds is on at The Etcetera Theatre Camden from the 3rd until the 8th of December 2018.