• Amy Toledano

It's True, It's True, It's True at Underbelly Bristo Square, Cowbarn

What Is It?

An rage fuelled retelling of a 17th century court trial that accused Agostino Tassi of raping then 15 year old Artemisia Gentileschi.

What Is It All About?

Kathryn Bond, Sophie Steer and Harriet Webb present this court case through various witness accounts and the few remaining transcripts from the original proceedings, that have a very familiar tone to many of the trials taking place in present day.

The arrogance of Tassi reeks from him, as he notes the ridiculous nature of the allegations, even though Gentileschi is open and honest about their relationship from the start.

The court often brush aside Gentileschi's statements, and through her art, she forces her voice to be heard.

Incredible imagery is created as the company recreate some of histories most famous images and pushes the idea that although the men of the time painted women as open and promiscuous, Artemisia did the exact opposite.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

The show rips the audience to bits in this very honest and angry piece.

The similarities between the treatment of women now and in the 17th century in terms of sexual abuse is staggering and this is punctuated throughout.

The three actors are absolutely incredible, and their raw feminine power undulates throughout the piece.

Particularly, Harriet Webb who plays Agostino Tassi is outstanding bringing an air of over-confidence and smarminess to the role.

The effect on the audience is obvious, and as the piece draws to a roaring close, so too does the audience swell and thrum with it.

Anything Else?

It's Brilliant, It's Brilliant, It's Brilliant.

Amy x

It's True, It's True, It's True is playing at Underbelly Bristo Square, Cowbarn until the 26th August 2019.

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