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In conversation with Isobel Pilkington, Producer of The Wild Flesh

We had a chat to Performer and Producer Isobel Pilkington about Wildly Theatre and their latest production The Wild Flesh.

What is The Wild Flesh?

The Wild Flesh is a religion that worships the idea of perfection. The Wild Flesh was set up by social media influencer Lyra Venice, after she had a problem with trolls on her social media platform.

Who is involved?

We have the most amazing team. We have an incredible team of actors; Hayley-May Muirhead, Isobel Pilkington, Sommy Echezona, Jordan Noel and Caitlin Goman whose talents range from musical theatre to clowning. We have Tashan Gilardi as our director. Rebecca Hoodless as our musical director. Our set was designed by Bill Davis, original music by PXCH & Rebecca Hoodless & Bryony Porter-Collard, sound design by Georgia Johnson, poster design by Daniel Bewster and jewellery by Hana & Hasmita. And finally our amazing technician Ally Brett. It’s a big team – and the talent is phenomenal.

Who should come and see it?

The Wild Flesh is for every one! Saying that, we are super keen to get young teenagers in, as would be amazing to hopefully inspire them and maybe open up a debate.

Tell us more about Wildly Theatre; how did it start and what kind of work do you produce?

Wildly Theatre is a devising theatre company founded by Hayley-May Muirhead, Sommy Echezona, Isobel Pilkington, Tashan Gilardi and Rebecca Hoodless. We came together last year, to tell female/aFab stories that we feel strongly about.

We all met at the Royal Albert Hall, we all at some point worked there. The idea of doing a show came from a conversion Isobel and Hayley-May had on position at work. They were just casually talking about the acting scene, and the lack of auditions coming in at the time… then onto how sometimes it can feel that we’re not getting auditions because we’re not good-looking or not. They didn't believe that was 100% true but the feeling was there. After that Isobel went buzzing around getting us together, and Wildly Theatre was born.

We produce work that promotes female stories, has a strong message and captures our hearts.

How is The Wild Flesh relevant to the world today?

The Wild Flesh is 100% relevant to the world today. We are in a culture that pushes the idea of perfection at us, and the idea that our value as people is connected to how we look. It’s heart-breaking. We have celebrities pushing get-skinny-quick diets that are not safe. We have ads on social media platforms telling us that we must wear Spanx every day. It is so easy to be pulled in. You see it so much, you begin to believe it. Then there are the trolls, who act horribly to people because they don’t have to deal with the consequence, Little Mix Jesy Nelson is a perfect example of this. The Wild Flesh explores these ideals, and the show is a comment on what’s happening today.

How important are female stories to you and what do you think we can do to make sure more of these stories are told in the future?

On a scale of one to ten, the importance of female stories to us is a ten and beyond. Stories have this amazing power to them. They can draw people in, inspire them, feed them and teach them new things. Stories are in myths, fiction, daily life and history books – they are all there for people to connect too. For us we have found that a lot of female stories have been tucked aside, and then forgotten about. Some of our power is missing, and subconsciously it affects us. For us we want to find these stories and put them on the stage. As a society, we should go searching for these stories, tell these stories and support others who do. Even just reading a story can send out good vibes to the universe saying, ‘We want this.’

Are there plans for Wild Flesh after this run? If so, what are they?

As of yet we have no set plans for The Wild Flesh after this run, but we will continue to try push the show to wider audiences. We have many tricks up our sleeves, so this won’t be the last you hear from The Wild Flesh.

Where can people buy tickets?

People can find tickets via the Tristan Bates Theatre Website.


The Wild Flesh is playing at Tristan Bates Theatre from the 14th-18th January 2020.

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