• Amy Toledano

In Conversation with Annie Cheung, DOTS, Maiden Speech 2019.

Image courtesy of Lexi Clare

What show did you perform as a part of Maiden Speech Festival 2019?


What was it all about?

My present struggles - my career, my marriage, my existence in this world. I suffer from high-functioning depression. This show is an emotional journey for me (hopefully the audience too) to regain resilience and hope.

Who is in your company?

It’s just me and lots of balloons and a chair. However, I am grateful that I do get some support in my creative process. Initially I got a drama therapist helping me in digging out the raw materials for the show. This time, Lexi Clare and Alice Fitzgerald provided some dramaturgical support.

How long have you been working on this idea?

It’s developed from the creative project that I did when I was doing my MA Acting at Mountview back in April 2018. I polished it a bit and took it to Camden Fringe in August 2018. For this run at Maiden Speech 2019, I further edited the script and re-designed the theatrical aesthetics with new props.

Was your show a work in progress?

It’s pretty much done but there is always room to make it better. And due to its nature as a self-revelatory performance which merges therapy and performance, I will constantly update the script to make it relate to my present struggles.

How was your experience of Maiden Speech?

Very good. Nice support from my producer Lexi and the rest of the team.

Will this show be performed in the future?

Yes, planning to do another run in London and then take it to Edinburgh.

What is next for your company/artists?

DOTS 2.0 maybe? What happened to me personally over the past year gave me enough materials to write a sequel to DOTS or even a feature film. Seriously. I watched “Touching the Void” last night and this line hit me “If nothing’s left, use the pain.”

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