• Amy Toledano

I Would Like To Get To Know You Presented by Feral Foxy Ladies and Kaleido Film Collective.

What is it?

A musical comedy show that uses a number of mediums including song, dance, film and imagery to explore the different stages of modern dating, taken from real life experiences.

What's it all about?

Katherine Vince and George Cheetham bring us a five part guide to modern dating. Through voice over clips from various interviews we are given a range of opinions on Tinder and online dating, to what it feels like to fall in and out of love, and what being in a relationship means to different people.

Vince uses dance and movement in a fluid and expressive way to accompany many of these voices and gives so much energy to these stories.

Original music is used quite a lot throughout as well, and the skilled musicianship and clever lyrics are relaxed and understated and completely relatable.

How did it make me feel?

This show is interesting and rich in variety and uses a lovely mix of motifs that are reoccurring throughout. It is an easy watch, with extremely relatable content that is musical and engaging throughout. The comedy is gentle and genuine and the contemporary musical style is inventive and hilarious. Kaleido Film Collective provide for some special additions to the piece too with really visually satisfying moments that compliment the shows style completely. This show has a really clever way of including it's audience and giving a real insight into the trials of relationships and love in all it's forms.

Anything Else?

I Would Like To Get To Know You is successful collaborative piece that provides a gorgeous mix of contemporary music and theatre enriched with conventional comedy troupes.

Amy x

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