• Amy Toledano

I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half) presented by Emily Davis and The Bunker Theatre

Image courtesy of Fran Cattaneo

What is it? 

I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half) by Ava Wong Davies, and is part of a double bill at the Bunker Theatre.

What's it all about? 

A mother and daughter relationship pushed to its limits in a very stylised way. I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half) is a lyrical interlinking of monologues devoted to race, belonging, and what we inherit from our parents.

How did it make me feel? 

The concept, execution and premise of the piece is stunning. The acting from both Tuyen Do (Joy) and Aoife Hinds (EJ) is so natural and smooth even when they are performing very high energy sections of the play. The fact that the Ava Wong Davies has majority of the script made up of long monologues helps when the characters actually face one another as mother and daughter. 

The set design by Grace Venning is just so simplistic that it complements the performance rather than be the centre piece, and one particularly clever design is of the cherry blossom plant in the middle that is actually attached to a table, so when the table is put the right way up some of the blossoms fall to the floor. This in itself is a beautiful, visual masterpiece. The soundscape, at times a droning sound, helps drive the action rather then distract from the action. There is nothing about this play that feels as if it shouldn’t be there. Everything is crafted to perfection.

Where is it on?

It’s on at the Bunker Theatre till 23rd November running together with Before I was a Bear.

Anything Else? 

Artistically pleasing to watch, a beautifully crafted play.

Claire-Monique x

I Will Still Be Whole (When You Rip Me In Half) is playing at the Bunker Theatre until the 23rd November 2019.

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