• Amy Toledano

I Wanna Be Yours presented by Paines Plough and Tamasha

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Image courtesy of The Other Richard

What is it?

A poetic, modern day love story that uses movement, music and gorgeous language and BSL interpretation to tell this tender story. Written by Zia Ahmed and Directed by Anna Himali Howard.

What is it all about?

Ella (Emily Stott) is from Leeds, and is a jobbing actor with a passion for people. She meets poet Haseeb (Ragevan Vasan) in one of her performance workshops, and the pair click immediately.

Their romance is sweet, and grows in a familiar and innocent way as the pair enjoy make shift dinner dates and nights dancing in pubs.

But there is a literal, and figurative elephant in the room. Haseeb, a Londoner who has parents from Pakistan and Muslim religion, is forever classed as "other" in the life that Ella leads. And although Ella attempts to understand Haseeb's religion and culture, there are cracks between them, and the worlds they have been raised in push them apart.

How did it make me feel?

It is no surprise that playwright Zia Ahmed is also an established poet, as the language of this play is one of its most beautiful characteristics. This language paired with lyrical movement that drives the emotion, is such a joy to witness and a credit to both Ahmed and Director Anna Himali Howard along with the design team.

The chemistry between the actors is palpable, with the pairs familiarity and quick fire banter immersing the audience into their world with ease.

Rachael Merry provides BSL interpretation throughout and is included in the story, in a seamless and emotive manner. She plays both the lead characters along with various other people in this story in a very lovely and inclusive way, and opens up a brilliant conversation about how simple it can be to make theatre accessible to everyone.

Anything Else?

Bush Theatre, in its usual fashion, puts its support into a story that is not only about culture and the barriers that are presented in the face of it, but ultimately reminds us of the things that unite people, and the sameness that is in all of us, and allows us to love and be loved.

Amy x

I Wanna Be Yours is playing at Bush Theatre until the 18th January 2020.

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