• Amy Toledano

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change presented by Chiswick Playhouse

What is it?

Updated from its original form which premiered in New York in 1996, this revue style show follows various couples as they navigate their way through dating, relationships and love.

What is it all about?

In this musical comedy, four versatile performers recreate pivotal moments in their lives surrounding love, relationships, dating and sex. From the couple far too busy to go on their first date, to the flirty tennis players who fall in love across the net, this show explores the many forms that modern relationships take.

Mainly finding the humour in the realities of this life, show creators Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts have taken the original piece and updated it for modern audiences. Queer relationships have now been incorporated into this piece, along with references to online dating and apps, and the minefield that is dating in the 21st century.

How did it make me feel?

The cast are brilliantly funny, and all bring a unique style to this quirky show. Laura Johnson is particularly excellent throughout, playing a range of characters that vary in age and style, and bringing the house down in her solo number "Always A Bridesmaid".

The direction of the show is wonderful, with Charlotte Westenra creating a highly polished, and energised show. The transitions are lovely, and keep the characters connected, creating a theatrical language that moves from scene to scene in an very clever manner.

For a show that has been updated for modern audiences however, the balance feels off in terms of casting, with a lack of diversity being glaringly obvious. There also seems to be a strong representation of queer men, with only one queer female couple throughout the show, who are only shown as mothers and losing themselves in the role, with very little chemistry shown between the couple. For a show that has been updated, it still has women as the butt of the joke most of the time, and stops it from being able to really be a complete representation of our current social climate.

Where is it playing?

The Tabard Theatre in Chiswick has recently been re-branded as the Chiswick Playhouse, and the space is intimate and lovely for this four-hander.

Anything else?

The show is very entertaining, that misses the mark in terms of diversity and true representation.

Amy x

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change is playing at the Chiswick Playhouse until the 30th November 2019.

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