• Amy Toledano

I... by Asa Haynes

Image by Lexi Clare

What is it?

Asa Haynes performs this one man show that looks at themes of anxiety and connection, and the effect other people's actions can have on us.

What is it about?

George (Asa Haynes) wakes up in the morning. He has his routine, that he sticks to daily, but today something different happens. A stranger sits opposite him on the train, and smiles at him.

Pete, the man who enters George's life and brings sunshine into the structure of his days. The pair embark on a whirlwind romance, that is reminiscent of the balmy summer romances so many of us experience in London. But there are moments that punctuate the relationship, as George begins to learn more about the person he is, and moves forward with a stronger sense of who he wants to be.

How did it make me feel?

The writing of this show is slick and witty, with Haynes delivery adding so much colour and life to the text. His comedic timing is excellent, and his style is dry yet punchy.

The show is warm and the immediate connection the audience makes with Haynes sets up the safe and exciting atmosphere of the space.

I... presents an understated message about anxiety and mental health, reminding us that just because it is not blatantly clear, there are so many people dealing with these kinds of health issues.

The story is familiar and engaging, and the space is used in a clever and effective way. The use of clothing throughout is an interesting and intelligent choice and works incredibly well.

Anything else?

This is a story we know well, but Haynes has a way of finding the joy in the small and fleeting moments of life. A brilliant piece of writing and a laugh out loud funny performance.

Amy x

I... is playing on the 9th, 13th, and 16th November 2019 at Tristan Bates Theatre.

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