• Amy Toledano

Hungerland presented by The Bread and Roses Theatre

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

What is it? 

An intimate and unique take on grief and trauma, with a particular focus on sisters and their relationships.

What is it about?

One of the three recipients of the Bread and Roses Playwriting Award 2019/2020, Hungerland written by Rachel O'Regan is a beautiful two-act play that focuses on the relationship between Nicole (Odera Ndujiuba) and her sister Alice (Tomi Jatto).

On Christmas Day, Nicole is cooking dinner for herself and her boyfriend Mike (Matthew John Wright). And although Nicole is not the most brilliant cook, she is enjoying spending the day and her time laughing and creating memories with Mike in their newly purchased home.

But while Mike is out grabbing the ice that Nicole forgot, Alice turns up unannounced, with questions about their past and in turn ends up shaking the world that Nicole and Mike have built to its very core.

How did it make me feel?

Gorgeous direction by Rebecca Pryle and Valencia Spearpoint, goes hand in hand with delicate writing by O'Regan in this show. The dark and gritty places that the actors are forced to go to, particularly in the shows' second act is phenomenal, and it is clear that a lot of time has been spent putting in the work to make this show as raw as it needs to be.

Particularly brilliant in this show is Odera Ndujiuba as Nicole. Her performance is measured and natural, and creates a beautiful balance with the fragile nature that her sister Alice brings to the stage.

The piece could perhaps shave a little off itself in act two, as the sister's past is dragged up and at times feels slightly repetitive, but in turn brings the same exhaustion to the audience that is being produced onstage, which is excellent.

Anything Else?

A fantastic debut play for this Australian playwright, and a show that is not afraid to delve into the difficult and heartbreaking parts of trauma that can often go amiss.

Amy x

Hungerland is playing at The Bread and Roses Theatre until the 9th November 2019.

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