• Amy Toledano

HONEYPOT, Greenside, Edinburgh Fringe 2019

What is it?

An all female ensemble explore and break down a list of issues that women deal with regularly, using classic fairytale characters at the helm.

What's it all about?

Showbox Theatre, a new all female collective bring together a series of vignettes that explore the themes and the difficulties faced by women from all over the globe.

From a fed up Cinderella (Sumah Richardson) with cold feet, to a spun out Rapunzel locked up in a psychiatric facility (Juliette Bethley) we are represented with women who are familiar to us, but who are also updated with contemporary ideals and problems.

These small scenes are knitted together with some lovely movement sections, that are accompanied by kitschy and twee songs such as "Wishin' and Hopin'" by Burt Bacharach and "Beautiful Girl" from Singing In The Rain that give a really clever ironic tone to the overall show.

The piece ends on a high, and celebrates the strength of the female body in a really beautiful and simple manner.

How did it make me feel?

The show is often funny and enjoyable, and the contemporary update on these fairytale women is really clever, however, I can't help feeling that this show is trying to pack in too many things without getting a moment to really, deeply explore one or two of these many issues.

And while it is true, that the list of struggles and hardships for women is practically endless, more often than not these issues are rushed over in the piece, touched on and then left behind before we have a moment to take them in.

The cast are strong, and in particular, Abbi Douetil as Beast Beauty and the Stepmother is brilliant, as is Juliette Bethley as Step Sister Sara, and the cast work together in a really natural and exciting way. The shows ending, while lovely, is again slightly rushed and feels like it needs a little more time to breathe in itself to give the audience a moment to catch up.

Anything Else?

Overall, the piece has huge promise. The cast have wonderful energy and entertain throughout, and with a bit more honing in on what the show is trying to achieve, could be a really fantastic, progressive piece of theatre.

Amy x

HONEYPOT is playing at Greenside Nicholson Square's Emerald Theatre until the 10th August 2019.

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