• Amy Toledano

Henna Night Presented by Amy Rosenthal

What is it?

Two women, the Jack's ex partner, and his current Jack’s partner. Both meet and exchange fears and frustrations on the flat that belongs to Judith, his emotionally exhausted ex-partner.

What is it all about?

After been dumped by Jack, Judith (Bethany Muir) hits rock bottom with only alcohol, fags and a her dressing gown to make her feel better. She leaves a voicemail message for her ex boyfriend saying that she will either dye her hair or slash her wrists. Before the final beep she says that she might be pregnant. Ros (Poppy Almond), Jack's new girlfriend, arrives on Judith's doorstep the following evening. They not only talk about the possibility of pregnancy but they find common ground, each wanting something the other has got. It becomes apparent that under different circumstances they could have been friends. This show ultimately presents a new perspective on female friendships.

How did it make me feel?

A simple script without many surprises and jolts, Henna Nights contains excellent dialogue between the characters. The audience are engaged from the beginning, and a sense of the history between the women is established immediately. The show does well at presenting a tense situation, that gives the audience hope about the future of these women. This piece leaves a sense of curiosity, wondering whether these relationships can work, whether friendship between exes can work. The play is set up in the 1990s, and does give a sense of its time, and the rules placed upon couples.

Anything else?

In general this a beautiful speech about show about, solidarity, forgiveness the way in which we can move on.

Manu x

Henna Nights is playing at The Cockpit Theatre until the 25th October 2019.

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